Inspection guidelines

Please read the following inspection guidelines carefully, if there are any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Inspection situation?
      Research Data Deposit only accepts inspection applications from the following circumstance:
     (1)Application for inspection for regulation purpose from governmental offices or institutions where the researchers whose research paper would be inspectedworks or had worked;
     (2)Application for inspection by the chief editor(s) of the journal where the research paper is published or to be published (e.g. Chinese Journal of Cancer) when the authenticity of the research is doubted by the public and/or the journal.

Persons who can apply for inspection?
      RDD only grantsapplications for inspection from the following parties:
     (1)The head of a governmental office;
     (2)The head of the institution where the researcherworks or had worked;
     (3)Chief Editor(s) of the medical journal where the research paper is to be or has been published.

Supporting documents for inspection?
     (1)A signed application form by the Institution’s head or Chief Editor of the Journal;
     (2)Inspectors’ Identity cards and photocopies;
     (3)If necessary, an authorization letter for inspection from the director of administration, institution’s head or chief editor of the journal;
     (4)Evidence that the research paper corresponds to the research data filed for inspection.

Process for applying for inspection

* It should be noted that any application for inspection should provide anauthentic rationale in conjunction with sufficient documentary evidence. The results of the application may be dependent on the documents provided. RDD reserves the right to decline any inspections for application without any disclosure.

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